Commercial Consultancy

What we do


Identifying the best brands/products to import and sell locally.

Identifying the best distribution partners for your products/brands.


Support in contracts management.
We help you to identify a Win/Win long term strategy with your partner.

Commercial Strategy

Studying and identifying the best distribution strategies, commercial and marketing policies, making your product launch a real success.

Sales Force and Sales Network

Thanks to our relation network built over the years, we set-up your sales network with the best professionals for your products.

Reports and Analisys

With our collaborators, we draw up market analysis reports to better understand the competitive scenario in which your product will have to fight, giving you awareness of your strengths.

Marketing & Information Technology

From the website, to e-commerce, from social to digital, we offer you a complete portfolio of services to complement your product with a correct marketing strategy that facilitates its sell-out.

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